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One Year Session- Rock Hill Child Photographers

I had the greatest honor of photographing little Baby Blake in Rock Hill, as a newborn, when he first came home with his amazing adoptive parents and big brother Connor a year ago. I have been photographing Connor since he was 5, and love this family to the ends of the earth. So to add little brother Blake to my life happens gang, I am ecstatic! Oh and Blake is a ham just like his big brother…Take a look.










Rock Hill Child Photographer

Rock Hill Child Photographer



name green




Baby Jackson | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Baby Jackson arrived! I love photographing newborn babies are so much fun…their little cries are so tiny and cute and everything about them is so perfect! Baby Jackson didn’t want to sleep a wink. He was ready for his photo shoot. Even Elvis got in on the fun, again!

newborn photos in black and white




And here a few in color….just love the hat!

newborn photography




Until next time….


name green

Twins | Charlotte Newborn Photographers

I was so tickled and excited to get the opportunity to photograph twin newborns. These two are so cute.

Charlotte newborn twins photography

Charlotte newborn photos of twins

Charlotte newborn photos of twins

Charlotte newborn photos of twins

And my all time favorite newborn photo to date…..

Charlotte newborn photos of twins

SPOTLIGHT: South Carolina Heart Gallery + Kids Stealing My HEART <3

Sometimes things happen that are out of the blue, but they touch you so deeply that you can’t ignore them. That’s the case with South Carolina Heart Gallery. Kids in need have always held a special place in my heart. It goes back to my wonderful parents teaching me to care for the less fortunate and those in need. So when a colleague of mine told me about SCHG, I was on board immediately. I asked Program Assistant, Mary Smyrl to help me explain just what SCHG is and it’s purpose:

South Carolina Heart Gallery uses the power of photography to help find adoptive homes for children lingering in foster care. Children in foster care who are legally free and waiting for adoption are referred by DSS. Local photographers donate their services to provide beautiful black and white portraits of the children, reflecting each child’s unique spirit and personality. The portraits are displayed in public venues around the state and on the Heart Gallery website at . Each child also receives an small album with an assortment of the photos taken of them.

Begun in New Mexico in 2001, Heart Gallery is now a national program. South Carolina Heart Gallery was founded in 2005 by Millie Qualls, Program Coordinator, and is a special partnership between the Children’s Foster Care Review Board and the SC Department of Social Services (DSS).

Please take the time to check out their website or Facebook page. Getting the word out there will go a long way in finding a child a home.


Mary, Mary Not Contrary! {Charlotte Photographer}

Wow, so much has been going on that I almost forgot to post this week! Sorry folks! Of course, with all the goings on, that means there will be lots of things to post about.

First off, a few weeks ago, I had the enormous pleasure of being Mary’s photographer for the afternoon. We were blessed with some sunny skies, but a tad bit of wind. She is such a cutie and had some awesome poses to show me. She even named my little photo buddy, Diamond. I didn’t plan her outfits, but I did plan on posting these last week for Valentine’s Day! Only, I was stuck in meetings all week and didn’t get my post out. 😦

And here’s one more I couldn’t help but to post. She is such a doll! 😀

Mary thanks for hanging out with me!


PS. Now is a great time to book your spring sessions!

Merry Christmas!

Sixteen years ago today, Christmas got just a little more special for me. I married the most wonderful man and joined two families. It has been the best decision I’ve made. Over the years our family has grown up and grown together and for that I am grateful.

So when I think of Christmas, I feel so blessed that I cry. Happy Tears! God gave us Jesus so we could be in His family and Tim and I married to be a great family.

As a photographer, I am constantly working with couples and families to capture them. Yet, over the last few years I have neglected to get family portraits of my own family. My good friend Joseph Hawk offered to change that. Thanks, Joseph!

Merry Christmas!

FAQ: What to Wear Fall and Winter (Rock Hill Portrait Photographer)

Do you ever look at your closet and panic about what to wear? I do, sometimes. I have a quirky sense of style, some classic, some eclectic. Some days I just wish the outfits would find themselves and magically appear on me. So that got me to thinking…a lot of times my clients also want or need ideas for their wardrobe selection for an upcoming photo session. Well, below are some ideas. You don’t have to own the exact things or even the color palettes. These are just ideas to get you started. So now you have an idea. Play with your closet and have fun!

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