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So, I had this idea of doing a blog post on my favorite aspect of wedding photography…. When I started thinking of my favorite part, it became parts….and I realize that I love it all. So instead of my favorite, I will do a SPOTLIGHT post.

My first SPOTLIGHT post will be on rings! When I think of rings, I think of the eternal circle, no beginning, no end. A symbol of love and a token a bride and groom give one another to wear to proudly announce to the world that he is hers and she is his forever. And some nice shiny diamonds give some splash! Below are some favorite ring shots I’ve taken this year.I’m sure this isn’t the last ring post, by a long shot. I love thinking of new and creative ways to showcase the rings.

Let me know which is your favorite. My blog loves comments and sharing. 😀

Beach + Adventure (Myrtle Beach Photographer)

I absolutely love the beach! So when clients and long time friends Lynette and Missi invited me to share their mini-vacation with them, I have to say I was ecstatic. And so we were off on our little adventure with their two little fellas, Connor and Brice. Star Wars and Krispey Kreme were the theme as well as sea and sand. Here’s a glimpse into our trip.

I love to capture memories that will last forever….it’s not always those big moments, but the small ones too that are worth treasuring. One of the highlights for the little ones was a trip to Build-a-Bear. I documented the entire process for them, and here’s a peek:

But next time, I call shotgun!

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