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Mary, Mary Not Contrary! {Charlotte Photographer}

Wow, so much has been going on that I almost forgot to post this week! Sorry folks! Of course, with all the goings on, that means there will be lots of things to post about.

First off, a few weeks ago, I had the enormous pleasure of being Mary’s photographer for the afternoon. We were blessed with some sunny skies, but a tad bit of wind. She is such a cutie and had some awesome poses to show me. She even named my little photo buddy, Diamond. I didn’t plan her outfits, but I did plan on posting these last week for Valentine’s Day! Only, I was stuck in meetings all week and didn’t get my post out. 😦

And here’s one more I couldn’t help but to post. She is such a doll! 😀

Mary thanks for hanging out with me!


PS. Now is a great time to book your spring sessions!

FAQ: What to Wear Fall and Winter (Rock Hill Portrait Photographer)

Do you ever look at your closet and panic about what to wear? I do, sometimes. I have a quirky sense of style, some classic, some eclectic. Some days I just wish the outfits would find themselves and magically appear on me. So that got me to thinking…a lot of times my clients also want or need ideas for their wardrobe selection for an upcoming photo session. Well, below are some ideas. You don’t have to own the exact things or even the color palettes. These are just ideas to get you started. So now you have an idea. Play with your closet and have fun!

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